This is a step-by-step quickstart specific to creating an event. A Creating Events help page is available in the 25Live knowledge base and can be used as a general, visual reference for stepping through the interface.

Starting a Request

  • Login to using your Bryant Account. Students must use the credentials for their student organization, not their personal credentials.
  • Click on the 25Live Pro link at the top, right of the screen.
  • Click on the Create an Event button.
  • This will launch the Event Form - required fields are noted. Students will be restricted to creating events no sooner than 3 days prior to the event.
  • Enter the Event Name.
  • You can give your event more description by adding an optional Event Title.
  • Select the Event Type.
  • Select the Primary Organization for this Event.
  • Students should select Student Org Event for the Event Type - then the name of their student organization under What is the Name of your Organization.

Attendance Information

Enter the Expected Head Count (estimates are okay).

Event Date, Times and Additional Setup Time

  • Enter the date of the first (or only) occurrence.
  • Enter the actual event Start time (do NOT include setup time here) and End time of the first occurrence. They will be the same even if there are multiple occurrences.
  • If the space you request requires setup time, enter it in the Additional Time section.

Does your event repeat?

  • Determine if the event has more than one occurrence. If so, all occurrences should be scheduled at the same time. Different locations can be selected for different dates.
  • If your event repeats, such as weekly meetings, choose your repeating pattern. For ad hoc meetings, you can click on each calendar date.

Select Location

  • Enter your Location choice. If your requested Location requires a room setup, click on the View Occurrences box under the room name.
  • NOTE: You will need to include Additional Time for all events that require a room setup in order to provide facilities/setup crews time to clean and arrange the room between events.
  • Search for the Location where you would like your event to be held. If you know where you want to hold your event, you can Search by Location Name and manually type in the location. If you need to search for a location, choose Saved Searches, and then Public Searches, to see a list of spaces.
  • To select a space, click Request.
  • You can select a single location or multiple locations for an event.
  • You can remove a location by clicking Remove under the room name.

Add Resources

Typically, the only Resource you would choose is Parking Spaces and only when you will have an event that needs 50 or more parking spaces between 8 AM and 5 PM and only during the Fall and Spring semesters. Indicate how many spaces you will need.

Other instructions?

  • Enter any additional instructions in the Other Instructions field.
  • Student Organizations MUST include a student's personal email address in the Notes section.

Affirm your request

  • You must select I agree in the Affirmation window.
  • Click Save to submit your request.
  • You will see a This event has been successfully saved. message once your request is saved.
  • Note, your request still needs to be confirmed! Once your event has been confirmed and processed, an event summary will be emailed to you (for Students this will be your organization's email address). Please read the email and open the attachment to verify all event information is correct. Make note of the event Reference ID (e.g. 2019-ABBXYZ) as it will make tracking events much faster.

Need Assistance with Reservations?

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Campus Scheduling and Events
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