Getting Started

  • Go to and create an account with a department or organization Bryant email account (only one account can be used to manage the event registration).
  • Note: while it's not generally a "Pro" feature, some accounts may be granted the functionality to add additional users. If you have access to this feature, if the user you want to add already has an EventBrite account, that account must be closed first. All event data in the closed account will be deleted.


  • 3.5% + $1.59 per paid ticket.
  • No cost for free tickets.

Creating and Managing Events

  • Click on the profile icon at the top right and select "Manage Events". Then click on the event you wish to manage, or click "Create Event" if you wish to create a new event.
  • An event can be copied by clicking on the event and clicking "Copy" at the top right.


Event Details and Tickets

  • Under "Edit" enter the event details, provide an image. Templating is limited to uploading a header graphic. The Header graphic is the image you upload on the "Edit" page. EventBrite recommends at least a 2160 x 1080px (2:1 ratio) image that's no larger than 10MB.
  • Create tickets. Multiple tickets types can be created for an event, with a specific price and quantity for each type.
  • Select Public Event if you wish it to be discoverable by anyone on the EventBrite site or in search engine results, or private if only users with the link can register.


Event Dashboard

  • Provides an overview of the event status, tickets sold, net sales, and payout amount
  • Lists all ticket types available and total amount allowed and number sold.
  • Common Reports
    • Attendee Summary
    • Custom Question Responses
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Event links

Set Payments & Payouts

Payment collection must be handled by having a check mailed to the department or organization hosting the event. 

  • Under Manage - Set Payments & Payouts Set to "Eventbrite Payment Processing"
  • Receiving payments:
    • Under Manage - Set Payments and Payouts - Add Payout Method
    • Under Bank Account information, scroll to bottom and click the link to "Request a check by mail." Provide the contact information for the person running the event. Bryant has no way to track or process payments being issued directly to the university. It is crucial that payments be mailed by check to the person running the event.
  • Issuing Refunds

Order Options

  • Order Form
    • Add/modify the fields included and required for the user to complete.
    • Option to activate Group Registration
    • Add additional item such as merchandise.
    • Registration Options such as time limit, instructions, message to display after tickets end.
  • Order Confirmation
    • Set Message for the confirmation page
    • Set Reply-To Email Address
    • Set Message for Email
  • Event Type & Language
    • A ticketed event will ask the user to buy and print a ticket. A registration event will prompt the user to register.
  • Registration Transfers
  • Waitlist
    • Enable/Disable

Invite & Promote


Manage Attendees

Helpful Hints

  • Can't hide/archive past events but it's not really necessary. 
  • EventBrite doesn't have a great test mode. Can't test a credit card without processing a payment, but can test with Pay by Check option.  
  • There is not a way to change the status of an event. If you wanted to close an event manually, move up the end time in the ticket settings.