Bulk email from alerts@bryant.edu are emails that contain urgent and/or critical university information, announcements of university initiatives, or newsletters. They are distributed to three university-wide target audiences: faculty, staff and students.  Email your alert request to the primary sender for your division. If the primary is unavailable, contact the backup sender for your division. If neither is available, the alert must be approved by the VP/Provost of your division and sent by Information Services.

  • Announcements should be submitted ready to email. Each request should be thoroughly proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation, and for accuracy, especially for dates, times and places, and contact information.
  • Announcements will be released AS IS. The integrity of the message is your responsibility.
  • Specify your audience: faculty, staff, and/or students
  • Your entire announcement must be included in the body of the message (no attachments). All announcements should be as brief as possible: Just the facts. Links may be included.
  • All alerts must pertain to Bryant business or Bryant-sponsored campus activities only.
  • Clubs and/or organizations requesting an announcement must be officially recognized by the Office of Campus Engagement.
  • Alerts are subject to approval and sent at the discretion of the university.

Email sent from Third Party Systems

Mass emails sent to the Bryant community from third party systems such as EventBrite or Constant Contact should be avoided. Such emails must be cleared with the primary sender of your division. All third party emails must be configured by IS to avoid delivery issues.

Alternative Announcement Channels

Alerts that do not meet this criteria of urgency and/or critical university information, should seek other
methods of relaying their information, such as: