Late Fee

Most AV items are free to checkout and use for a period of 24 hours or up until the return time listed.  After the return time has passed a late fee will be billed to the user at a rate of $5 per item / per day.  (ex.  A camera and Tripod are returned 1 day late, $5 late per day late fee for the camera, $5 late fee per day for the tripod, for a total of $10 in late fees)

Usage Fee

Items that require external batteries (AA & AAA) also have an associated charge of $2 per item to cover the cost of replacing batteries in the items after use.  (ex.  3 wireless microphones are needed,  each mic requires external batteries.  3 mics at $2 per mic = a $6 charge on the checkout)

Event Operator Fee

During normal scheduled office hours we can make one of our student technicians available to "operate" an event.  Once this Technician is out for the event, any additional requests or requests outside our normal operating hours may be able to be filled if no other events interfere.  This 2nd or outside hours "operator" will have to be billed for in order to offset the costs of paying the tech.  The rate is $10 per hour, please remember the "operator" will need to be on site usually and hour before through to an hour after.