Send a Fax

With RightFAX, you can fax a document created in almost any application (Ex: Outlook, Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, etc) simply by printing it to a special fax printer.

To do so, open the document you wish to fax and select the print option from within the application. Choose the printer named RightFAX Fax Printer listed in the drop-down list, and click OK.

A dialog pops up requesting the recipient's name, fax number, and other key information. (At a minimum, a name and fax number are required) A cover page will automatically be added to the fax. Use the Cover Sheet Notes tab to type text you wish to add to the cover page, and click Send.

You will receive an email notification from RightFax E-mail Gateway ( to let you know if the fax was successfully sent, or if there was an issue sending it.

Receive a Fax

When a fax is sent to you, you will receive it as an email attachment from RightFax E-mail Gateway ( with a subject line of A fax has arrived from remote ID Fax Server.

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