What is my voicemail PIN?

You’re initial PIN was sent to you in an email. The first time you login to your voicemail, you will be prompted to record your name, record a greeting, and change your PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact the Helpdesk to open a ticket.

How to I access my voicemail?

From on campus:

To access your voicemail from your Cisco IP phone, press the messages button on your phone. This is the button that has the envelope icon or cassette tape icon pictured on it. You will then be prompted to enter your pin number followed by the # key. - OR - Dial extension 8999. Press the * star key, enter your extension, press the # key. You will then be prompted for your pin number followed by the # key.

Once you have logged into your voicemail, you can follow the menu prompts, or use the shortcuts listed in the Voicemail Menu Shortcuts document.

From off campus:

To access your voicemail from off campus, call 401-319-3999. Press the * star key, enter your extension, press the # key. You will then be prompted for your pin number followed by the # key.

  • You can also login to the CPCA (Cisco Personal Communications Assistant (below)) and add any phone number you frequently call from to skip the off campus voicemail greeting. Afterwards when you call 401-319-3999 you will not need to enter your extension and will be immediately prompted for you pin.
  • To do this, login to the CPCA page and click on Messaging Assistant. Under User Defined Devices, click Add Row and enter a name and the phone number (including area code) that you would be calling from. You can add multiple numbers by clicking Add Row for each number. Then click Save

Did you know that you can get your voicemail messages sent to your email?

We can offer you two options:

  • Get your voicemail messages in your email inbox AND on your phone OR
  • Get your voicemail JUST in your email inbox and NOT on your phone.

Some of the pros are:

  • If you have a cell phone that displays your email messages you will now also be able to see if you have voicemail messages when out of the office, without having to call in to check.
  • When you check your email you will see how many messages you have and who they are from. Internal calls provide the names and external calls show the telephone number.
  • This also gives you the option of saving a voicemail message on your computer if you don’t want to lose it.
  • You can forward the message to someone else via email.

Some of the cons are:

  • If you elect to have messages go into both your phone voicemail and your email inbox you have to delete them both. If you delete them in email they will still be on your phone’s voicemail and you will have to delete them there as well or your voicemail account will become full and you will not longer be able to receive any voicemail either in your email or on your phone.
  • You cannot REPLY to the voicemail via email however you can FORWARD the email back to the sender with a response.
  • If you play the voicemail on your computer, a nearby person could overhear the message.

If you are interested in getting this feature, please email helpdesk@bryant.edu to open a ticket and specify if you would like voicemail messages in your email inbox and on your phone OR email only.

Manage your voicemail online

Cisco Personal Communications Assistant allows you to manage your voicemail by logging onto a webpage from on campus. Several options are available such as:

  • Recording or changing Greetings.
  • Changing Voice Mail Options such as speed of the voice and volume.
  • Recover deleted voicemails from up to 10 days via Web Inbox.
  • Setup notification to send email and/or text messages when new voicemails are received.

Login with your email username and password. Make sure to use Internet Explorer to have full access to the Web Inbox. This will not work with Firefox.

The Cisco PCA provides access to the following Cisco web tool(s):

  • Messaging Assistant - The Cisco Unity Connection Assistant web tool lets you customize how you and your callers interact with Cisco Unity Connection by phone. You can also use it to personalize your messaging settings -- including your recorded greetings and message delivery options -- or to set up message notification devices and create private lists.
  • Web Inbox - The Web Inbox lets you manage your voicemail and provides access to voicemail settings. Listen to your new/saved messages, recover deleted messages (up to 10 days after the message is deleted), forward messages to email, and more.
  • Personal Call Transfer Rules - The Personal Call Transfer Rules web tool lets you create and manage rules to send calls to any contact, destination, or groups of contacts or destinations that you specify.