How to Backup Files on University Computers

When you are backing up your data files, be sure to check all folders in case you have saved your files in another location. This will ensure that no data is lost.  You should also have the following network drive mappings:

Drive G:\

This is the public directory shared with your department, and may be accessed by all users who login to the network in your department. This directory is where everyone shares files. It is a good idea to create directories concerning certain subjects relevant to your office, for example GRADUATE for anything related to graduation. Files stored in this common directory are backed up nightly.

Drive I:\

This is your private directory. This directory is only for the user logged into the computer to store files. Other users are not able to store or access files that are saved to this directory. Files stored in this location are backed up nightly, we recommend users save files to the server for this reason. A limit of 50MB has been set for each user.

Note: Image files will take up storage space rapidly as they tend to be larger files. Please limit these types of files to ensure adequate space for your files.

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