How to search for people in the directory

Directory Services information can be searched using people search on Outlook on the web or through your desktop Outlook client.

Using Outlook on the web

Go to the People page by clicking on the People icon at the bottom of the page or by going to

  • Use the Search box to search the directory for faculty, staff or students.
  • You can use Favorites, Your Contacts, and other options to save and manage specific contacts from the directory.

For more details, see Microsoft's Using Contacts help article.

Using desktop Outlook (newer versions)

There are a couple of ways to search the directory:

Use the Search People box

This quickest way is to use the Search People box on the Outlook ribbon. Simply begin typing a person's email address or name and Outlook will return matches from the directory. This search only matches against email address and name.

Use search box in the People pane.

  1. Choose People at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Above the contacts list, type someone's name or email address in the Search Contacts box.
  3. This search will match a person's name, email address, phone numbers, and more.

For more details, see Microsoft's Find people and contacts help article.

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