Integration with Banner to populate Students, Courses and Enrollments

Banner sends a series of flat text files over to Blackboard at 1 PM and 7PM every day. These files update, add or disable objects in Blackboard as they are added or modified in Banner.

There are 3 key files for every semester.

The users file is sent to populate the system with users. It includes username, email address, First, Last, and a password hash. It also inclused the External Person Key witch is the student's ID number. This is the primary key for the user and cannot be changed. If a user changes their name and the username is changed that change will be processed automatically and will not require any intervention from an administrator. The password in this file is not used to authenticate and is not required. Users authenticate with the CAS servers on campus so the username and password match are verified in CAS.

The courses file is specific to each semester and is sent to an integration point on Blackboard that is different for each semester. It includes the course ID with the CRN number (called the external course key), the course name and the dates that the course will be available. Courses are set to become unavailable 6 months after the end of the course. 

The enrollments file contains all the student and faculty enrollments in the courses. It is comprised of the External Course Key, The External Person key and the availability of the enrollment. 

***NOTE - These files are all sent in Refresh mode. What that means is that if a line is not present in the file (i.e. A student has withdrawn) then the student becomes DISABLED in the system. This is true for courses and enrollments as well. The associated student data is NOT deleted. It is simply unavailable until the user reappears in the users file and that file is processed through the system.

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