Application Change Control Guidelines


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for requesting changes to the application systems for the University. This policy establishes standards, guidelines, and procedures for the request for these changes in ways that support university strategic priorities. Information Technology Services approves change requests that are sustainable, compatible with existing systems, and can be efficiently supported. Formalizing the change request process provides for a more reliable and efficient process along with providing better service to the end user.


This guideline applies to all changes requested either through the helpdesk or directly through the application developers. This also applies to all departments/data owners who are responsible for the processing of procedures and data for the University.

Guidelines and Recommendations

  1. Users formally make a change request – majority of requests are received via email or ticketing system.
  2. Request then gets assigned to appropriate application programmer for review and evaluation.
  3. Request is evaluated as to risks/benefit and value - The change requestor and the applications staff will work to develop a specific justification for the change and identify the impact on infrastructure, business operations and budget, identify business as well as technical risks, develop technical requirements, and review specific implementation steps.
  4. Change request is prioritized – Based on applications staff current schedule and workload, the urgency and impact of the change on the infrastructure, end user productivity and budget will help in determining the priority of the request.
  5. Changes are made in the test/development environment by the assigned applications programmer.
  6. Testing and Q&A are performed – initial testing is performed by the technical team, then the change requestor is notified to perform testing on the changes that were requested in the test/development environment.
  7. After feedback is received, additional changes may occur and more testing will happen.
  8. After final signoff from requester, program will be sent to manager for final approval.
  9. Manager reviews changes and performs final checks, approves change and moves into production based on the timeframe received from the programmer and requestor.
  10. Change requestor is notified that change has been placed into production.


Information Services Personnel ensure that changes to systems have been approved, documented, tested and implemented in compliance with the change documentation.

Department Heads ensure the changes requested are in accordance with this document and align with the University.

Faculty and Staff follow the guidelines and recommendations in accordance with this document.

Policy Review and Revisions

Last ReviewedLast UpdatedSummary
10/10/202310/10/2023Annual review and update.

Office of Information Services

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