Computers, networks, and electronic information systems are essential resources for accomplishing Bryant University’s mission of instruction, research, and service outreach. The University grants members of the University community shared access to these resources in support of accomplishing the campus’s mission.

These resources are a valuable community asset to be used and managed responsibly to ensure their integrity, security, and availability for appropriate educational and business activities. All authorized users of these resources are required to use them in an effective, efficient, and responsible manner.

Users must be aware of User Rights and Responsibilities, which outline liability for personal communication, privacy and security issues, and consequences of violations. Users should also be aware of the University’s Rights and Responsibilities.

Policies, Guidelines and StandardsReviewed
Application Change Control Guidelines10/10/2023
After Hours Support Policy10/10/2023
Banner Data Custodian Roles and Responsibilities10/11/2023
Bryant Mobile Computer Program - Student Agreement10/11/2023
Classroom and Lab Service Agreement10/10/2023
CTS Support Service Level Agreement10/10/2023
Media Services Service Level Agreement10/10/2023
Technology Purchasing Policy10/11/2023
Information Security
Acceptable Use1/12/2024
Bring Your Own Device Policy1/16/2024
Change Control1/8/2024
Data Classification1/8/2024
Data Encryption1/16/2024
Digital Identify Lifecycle Management10/11/2023
Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)1/8/2024
Digital Privacy1/8/2024
Electronic Email (Email)1/8/2024
Email Retention and Disposition Schedule1/8/2024
Generative AI Guidelines3/5/2024
IT Incident Response Protocol10/11/2023
IT Disaster Recovery10/11/2023
Litigation Hold1/8/2024
Mobile Phone Guidelines10/12/2023
Password Guidelines1/8/2024
Red Flags Rule3/5/2024
Remote Access (Traveling Abroad)10/11/2023
Securely Working from Home1/16/2024
Social Media10/12/2023
Storage Guidelines10/11/2023
Technology: on Premise Facilities10/11/2023

Office of Information Services

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