Media Services Service Level Agreement


  1. All equipment delivered to a room or checked out to a patron is the responsibility of the requesting patron including all damages, theft, and lost items. 
  2. Our Late Fee is $5 per item, per day, up to $20 maximum, rounded up.
  3. We have a 10 hour grace period for renewal of equipment or to bring it back before you are charged late fines.
  4. Audio Visual requires 24 hours notice for a reservation to be made for equipment to be delivered.
  5. Checkouts can be made at anytime in the AV Office when the equipment is available. 
  6. Equipment is on a first come first serve basis.
  7. We do not deliver to the dorms.
  8. All fines and charges for students are to be paid at the Bursar's office.
  9. We do not take money in the AV Office.  If you are asked for it contact Roger Acosta 6886.
  10. Our booking system is NOT linked to R25 in any way.  If you wish to book a room contact the Conference Office at X6921
  11. Audio Visual has the right to alter or add to these policies without notice.
  12. We do not leave equipment in public areas without the patron being there.  If your equipment is not there when you arrive and no one from AV shows up please call or come to the AV office.
  13. All weekend events outside of the AV Office's normal working hours must be made before the Wednesday the week of by 4pm.  All other requests after Wednesday will only be meant if staffing is available.
  14. Audio Visual charges for event labor outside our normal business hours or beyond our normal Staffing.  The charge is $9.00 per hour per worker.  Audio Visual reserves the right to determine the amount of labor needed for Set, Show, and Strike of any event.
  15. Charges for use of wireless microphones is $2 per microphone.

Student Check-out Procedure

  1. Come to AV room 277.
  2. Have the name of your advisor or professor handy.
  3. Put in a reservation for a future date or checkout equipment on site.
  4. When you are taking equipment you MUST sign the checkout agreement form before you leave.

Faculty Staff Check-out Procedure

  1. Call, walk in, or log into PIR to make your reservation.
  2. When you are taking equipment you MUST sign the checkout agreement form before you leave.

Janikies Booth Policy

  1. The AV booth in Janikies is only available to AV Staff or authorized users.
  2. If you need microphones or projection you need to make a reservation with the AV office.
  3. If you are on the authorized list to use the booth you still need to put in a request for microphones, etc.  These items are locked up unless requested.

WebCheckout Account Policy

  1. Our system is linked to the Bryant University Database.  If you do not show up in our system we will not be able to make a reservation for you.

Editing Project Policy

  1. We cannot and will not Copy, Edit, or alter copy written material in any way.
  2. Come in and have a staff person enter your editing request in our system.  Make sure to have your media with you.
  3. We will finish editing projects in the order in which they came in. Our standard wait time is 1 week.
  4. If you need priority for some reason please see an office manager.
  5. Prices for materials are as follows:
  • $3     DVD-R with paper sleeve
  • $3     Printing on DVDs
  • $9     DVD case with printed insert
  • $3     Mini DVD-R for cameras
  • $15   Mini DV Tapes
  • $2     CD-R with paper sleeve

Student Group Reservations

  1. Please bring the R25 confirmation that you have space booked to the AV office.
  2. We will then enter a reservation into our system.