Mobile Computer Student Agreement

Bryant University continues its program to provide you with the use of a mobile computing device (MCD) during your matriculation as an undergraduate at the University. This agreement relates to the MCD system issued to you as well as any loaner and/or replacement devices that may be provided to you during your enrollment at Bryant.

Bryant Mobile Computing Program Policies

By accepting possession of the MCD, the software, and the related accessories such as manuals, backpack, etc., I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions. I understand that by signing this agreement and initialing where indicated below, I agree to participate in the Bryant Mobile Computing Program and to pay the charges as outlined on my Bryant bill.

I understand that I have the right to use the MCD solely for and in connection with my attendance at Bryant University. I understand that I must comply with software license agreements. I will not sublease, sell, or otherwise grant any individual or business any right or security interest to the mobile computing system.

I acknowledge my responsibility for the MCD at all times during the course of this agreement and therefore understand that I will not allow any other person to have access to the device. I will adhere to all of Bryant’s rules and regulations governing the use of this device and the Bryant network, as stated in the Bryant University Student Handbook, and Bryant University’s Computer Use Policy as referenced on the Web page This includes but is not limited to refraining from using the device to obtain, deliver, or create obscene or ethnic slur messages, pictures, or descriptions, or to participate in illegal activities that may violate the University’s rules and regulations. I certify that I have read the rules and regulations.

I further agree to comply with all applicable copyright and other regulations regarding the software. In the event that I use the MCD in a manner unrelated to my attendance at Bryant University or participate in academic programs in violation of this agreement, I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Bryant University harmless from any and all claims based on or related to the use of the device, including liability for property damage and claims of third parties. Illegal activities include the downloading or copying of unauthorized, unlicensed, or pirated software.

Software and Data Backup

It is my responsibility to backup all data stored on the MCD and to comply with the software licensing of any software I load onto the device in addition to the Bryant preloaded software. In the event of damage or theft, Bryant will provide a loaner or replacement device (available from a limited pool of loaner devices on a first-come, firstserved basis) that will include only the Bryant image and the standard pre-loaded Bryant software, if I comply with the Bryant Mobile Computing Program policies and procedures. University staff will not load unauthorized software onto the new device or backup/restore student data.


I acknowledge that I am responsible for the cost of any needed repairs not covered by warranty, up to a $500 deductible per incident. I am responsible for the care and safekeeping of my MCD or loaner device and any loss or damage to the device. The MCD must be kept in good working condition, and, if necessary, must be repaired through Bryant’s Laptop Central. It is my responsibility to check all items received and serviced to be certain that everything is functioning. Any concerns or problems must be reported to Laptop Central within 48 hours of receipt.


I acknowledge that in the case of theft I am responsible for a portion of the replacement cost of a new MCD (up to $1,000). In the case of theft on campus, I am responsible for contacting the Bryant Department of Public Safety immediately upon discovery. The Bryant Department of Public Safety will contact the local police having jurisdiction. In the case of theft off campus, I am responsible to contact the local police having jurisdiction and then also to report the theft to the Bryant Department of Public Safety. To receive a replacement device, I must obtain and supply to the Bryant Mobile Computing Program coordinator a copy of Bryant’s Public Safety report (ready for release within 24 hours) and the report from the local police having jurisdiction (both copies must be signed by the student). Allegations of fraudulent claims will be referred to the Rhode Island Attorney General for investigation and possible felony prosecution. I understand that Bryant University may charge me a late fee equivalent to the cost of a new device (up to an approximate value of $1,500) should I fail to return the device on or before the above return date without producing a Bryant Public Safety report and a report from the local police having jurisdiction as outlined above.

Replacement Mobile Computing Devices

In the case of theft, Bryant will make a replacement MCD available for my use that will be configured with the original software configuration. I understand that I will be responsible for any damage or theft of a system while in my possession and that there is a limited pool of replacement devices. They are dispersed on a first-come, first-served basis and one may not be available at all times.

Return Policies

I agree to return the MCD to Bryant University in the same condition as on the agreement beginning date, reasonable wear and tear accepted as defined in the Bryant Mobile Computing Program policy. I understand that Bryant University may assess me a late fee of $25 per day up to the equivalent of the cost of a new device (up to an approximate value of $1,500) and/or seek criminal prosecution or civil damages if I do not return the device on or before the above return date. If I withdraw (or am dismissed) from Bryant University, I agree to return the MCD and all assigned accessories to the Mobile Computing Program coordinator on the date of withdrawal (dismissal).

I authorize Bryant University to charge any liabilities arising under this agreement against my student account at Bryant University. I also understand that it is my responsibility to give written notice to the Bryant Mobile Computing Program coordinator if I have an address change or withdraw (or am dismissed) for any reason from Bryant University. I agree to accept the MCD, the software, and related accessories “as is.” In no event will Bryant University be liable to me or my guardian, personal representative, or heirs for any incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damage of whatever nature arising out of any claim, whether in contract, tort, or otherwise, alleging Bryant University’s failure to perform its obligations under this agreement or its breach of any duty, common law or otherwise, owed to me.

Terms and Conditions Acceptance Statement

I (We) have read the program agreement and agree to abide by the terms and conditions herein. Specifically, I (we) acknowledge that the MCD is the property of Bryant University and my use of the device is subject to Bryant University’s rules and regulations as outlined in the above Bryant Mobile Computing Program student agreement. If I am not enrolled as a full-time student at Bryant University at any time, I must return the device and assigned accessories to the Bryant Mobile Computing Program coordinator in good working condition.