Classroom and Lab Service Level Agreement


Management of all classroom and lab computer technology is handled by the Academic Computing team within Information Services.

Use of classroom and lab computer, network, and Audio-Visual equipment is limited to academic use only.  Use of such technology indicates acceptance of the Bryant University Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

Day Support

All classroom and lab technology receives highest priority. During normal business hours (8am - 4pm), call x6128 for support.

Evening Support

For after-hours support, please contact the AV office at x6128 . Our evening support is provided by students who are trained in providing level one support* for classroom and lab issues only. All non-classroom or lab issues must be reported to the IT Service Desk for next day response.

*Level one support provided by our student employees consists of troubleshooting most minor hardware and software issues. Major network and technical issues will be reported to a level-two staff member for resolution. Non-critical issues will be attended to the next business day.

Alternate Error Reporting

All classroom or lab errors should be reported to the Media Services office, or to the Academic Computing Group.  Alternatively, you may email for support for technology issues that are not time-sensitive.

Software Changes

Please ensure your software requests are submitted by the requested deadline. Any requests for software installs or changes will not be processed after the semester begins. The due dates are:

Fall - July 1st 
Winter/Spring - December 15th 
Summer - May 1st

All software must be fully licensed.  For certain applications, a statement from the publisher indicating approval of installation may be required.

Student Support

Student consultants are available through the IT Services Desk. They are available to assist students with problems pertaining to the technology equipment, or reasonable questions about software applications. Since some of the applications are course-specific, unless an employee has actually taken a specific course, he/she may not be of much assistance. A student seeking additional support should consult his/her instructor.

Note: Information Services is not responsible for any lost data. Please keep in mind that the Academic Computing Team periodically formats the computers without notice for the purpose of maximizing system performance.


  • Please direct any room access request or concerns to Public Safety.

Additional Considerations

  • No food or beverages are allowed in any of the labs.
  • Those teaching the last class of the day should ensure that all student and instructor systems are properly shutdown.


  • Professors are responsible for ensuring all audio-visual equipment, including projectors, are turned off after use.
  • All audio-visual issues and requirements should be directed to the audio-visual department at x6128.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about the service you received from the Academic Computing team or our student technicians, you may choose to speak to the full-time staff members in the Audio Visual Office (Room 277).

Policy Review and Revisions

Last ReviewedLast UpdatedSummary
10/10/202310/10/2023Annual review and update.

Academic Computing

Unistructure, Room 277

Fall and Spring (semester hours)
Mon - Fri
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Winter and Summer
Mon - Fri
8:30 am - 4 pm