General Policies

  • Virtually all space requests should be entered in 25Live regardless of location. (Some Exceptions: Faculty Suite conference rooms, Admissions Conference Room, Amica Center Conference Room)
  • Spaces cannot be double-booked (25Live does not allow it). The only space that is shareable is Campus. Campus is a generic space name.
  • 25Live requests are processed in the order they are received.
  • If you do not receive a Tentative or Confirmed event summary within 48 hours, please check Your Event Drafts in which you are the Requestor (on your Dashboard). If there is a W in the event title, that means your request cannot be processed at this time and it has to Wait until it can be processed based on a policy listed below.
  • If your event is cancelled, please notify the Scheduler as soon as possible so that the space can be made available to others and facilities can be notified to not do the setup (if one was required).

Space Specific Policies

  • MRC 3 and MRC 4 can be assigned two weeks in advance. The Conference and Special Events office has priority for these rooms for companies who wish to use our facilities. Exceptions are made but bear in mind that a meeting of one hour prevents the renting of that room for the entire day.
    MRC 3 and MRC 4 require one hour of additional setup time. You must add this in the Additional time area of your request. Setup instructions for these rooms must be entered in the Setup Instructions box on the Locations page of your request. Bring your printed confirmation with you as MRC 3 and 4 are locked. DPS will only open the doors if you have a confirmation summary.
  • M40 The Executive Development Center (EDC) has priority use of this room. If you would like to request this room, please get permission before you request it. In the Internal Notes of your request, indicate that the EDC has given their approval. (Contact Adriana Cavalieri in the EDC.)
  • MRC Dining Room (DR1) is an International Graduate Students Global Graduate Lounge ONLY. Cannot be reserved for any purpose.
  • Bello 101 is no longer available for catering purposes. The former coat closet is used for catering. This space is now a Data Visualization Lab. Details TBA.
    The Grand Hall requires two hours of additional setup time. You must add this in the Additional time area of your request.
  • Bello 102 and Bello 103 are only available during Library open times. Please check the Library website for those hours as they change.
  • M32 is a Banner training room. No food or drink is allowed. It should not be requested for general meetings.
  • M36 is an art room and cannot be assigned for general meetings. Only applicable events can be assigned to this space.
  • M42 is an analytics lab ONLY.
  • 370, 371 and 380 are science labs and cannot be used for any other purpose than that related to science classes. Note: The Conference Services office can use these rooms for science-related events.
  • 352, 367 and M35 are computer labs. DPS will unlock these rooms after hours.
  • 368 is an EDC Training room only.
  • 250 (the Ideation Lab) can be requested for class-related events. It is not used for general meetings.
  • Conference Room 390 in the Science Wing can be used for meetings only with the department chair’s approval. Details are still being worked out.
  • Unistructure meeting rooms – 355 and Gulski Conference Room can be requested for ad hoc or repeating general meetings.
  • Gulski Conference Room – Room setups for Gulski Main Dining room and the Conference Room are limited in scope and must be requested through Sodexo (not Facilities).
  • The Fisher Student Center (FSC) is primarily geared toward student organizations; therefore, those organizations have priority use of the FSC after 2pm Monday through Friday during the academic year.
    FSC spaces require 30 minutes of additional setup time. You must add this in the Additional time area of your request.
  • For non-Athletic events the Chace MAC requires 1 ½ hours of both setup and takedown time in addition to the actual event time so that it can be reset. If this additional time cannot be scheduled due to other events taking place, you cannot request the MAC.
  • All Chace spaces must be requested through 25Live. Do not contact Athletics directly.
  • The Interfaith Center (IFC) is geared toward religious/spiritual events. It can be requested for other types of events. These events can be approved or denied based on type of event and availability. Student Organizations must receive prior approval before requesting space in the IFC.
  • The Academic Innovation Center (AIC) spaces require a completed approval form before these spaces can be confirmed. See for additional policies and this form.
  • Classes are not to be scheduled in conference rooms in the Unistructure, FSC or the IFC.
  • During the summer months June – mid August, the Conference and Special Events office has priority use of conference rooms in the Unistructure and the FSC.
  • Classrooms for non-class events cannot be assigned until the second week of the semester. You can submit your request at any time, and it will remain in the queue (with a ‘w’ in its title) in the order received until it can be assigned.
  • Parking Resource – you choose this on the Resource page of your request if you need 50 or more parking spaces during the Fall and Spring semesters only.
  • Only choose the resource of A/V for the Grand Hall, Chace and Unistructure. Even though you select AV as part of your 25Live request for an event, you still need to contact AV directly, either in person (room 277 in the Unistructure), by calling ext. 6128 or via email at . For the FSC, IFC, and AIC enter A/V needs in the setup instructions box.


  • If you need to change the date, times and/or locations of your reservation, please email with the reservation ID (ex. 2019-ABBXYZ) and what needs to be modified. You do NOT need to have the original event reservation canceled then resubmit another one.
  • If your event is cancelled, email with the reservation ID and say you wish to cancel either the entire reservation, or, if the reservation is for multiple dates, which dates need to be cancelled.
  • Some spaces have blackout hours. This means the spaces are not available during those times. Exceptions are made. If you need a space during blackout hours, please make note of the reason why in the Internal Notes section of your 25Live request. Chace, the library and classrooms 102 and 103, the Fisher Student Center and the Interfaith Center all have blackout hours.

Need Assistance with Reservations?

Scheduling Coordinator
Campus Scheduling and Events
(401) 232-6499