Qualtrics is a powerful, customizable survey tool available to anyone with a Bryant Account. You can use Qualtrics to design and distribute surveys as well as manage and analyze the response data.


  • Quick and easy survey builder
  • Quick-start survey templates
  • Statistical analysis tools
  • Survey mailer
  • Multiple data export formats

Available To

Faculty, Staff and Students

What To Expect

Access to this service is dependent on your Bryant Account. If your Bryant Account is disabled (e.g. graduating student), you will no longer be able to access your data in Qualtrics. For this reason, students are encouraged to export their data from the system prior to graduation.


Transition to Advanced Reports

Qualtrics XM, the online survey  program licensed for the entire Bryant community, has made two important changes which are described below. If you are a current Qualtrics user, please take careful note of these changes as they affect access to your existing Classic Reports data. 


Qualtrics is upgrading their Classic Reports feature (also referred to as Reporting Beta, Original Reports and Reporting 2.0).  The upgraded feature, Advanced Reports, offers a number of benefits including: a new simplified user experience, better application performance and increased stability in report generation. You can find out more about the new experience on this support page.

With the general availability of Advanced Reports, Classic Reports will no longer be available starting October 31st, 2020. After October 31st, 2020, you will lose access to any reports which were created with Classic Reports, including scheduled emails and public reports.  

If you have not already done so, Qualtrics encourages you to rebuild reports on the Advanced Reports platform and to download a PDF copy of existing reports you wish to keep. 

To view Classic Reports in a user account, navigate to the Advanced Reports page (Reports tab > Reports section), click on the name of the advanced report and select View Classic Reports from the dropdown. 

If you have a question about the newest version of Reports, please visit the Support Page for Advanced Reports. It’s also always worth checking the XM Community to see if any other users have had the same question about this change. If you’d rather speak to a specialist, our Support Team is always ready to assist. To contact them, please log into your Support Portal 


More Help

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