Bryant Wireless network access is available to all affiliates and visitors across the campus. All network devices must be registered with the Network Access Appliance (NAC).

There are three wireless networks available on campus:

  • BryantGuest - the preferred network for Guests on campus.  Students, Faculty and Staff should only use this network for smart devices or game consoles.
  • BryantUniversity - the preferred network for Students, Faculty and Staff.  All smart phones and computers must be on this network.
  • Eduroam - preferred network for all Guests affiliated with eduroam member institutions.

Available To

  • Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Consultants/Contractors
  • Visitors


  • Bryant Account is required to access the BryantUniversity wireless network.
  • Users must register their devices with the Network Access Control appliance.
  • Guest/Visitors can connect to the BryantGuest Network.
  • User registration is required to gain access to network services and the access is granted for 24 hours.
  • Special events, departments and conferences may request Guest account to streamline access for event attendees.


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