Web single sign-on (Web SSO) authentication services are used to verify a person's identity when he or she signs into a password-protected website. Once a person signs into the Web SSO system, they can seamlessly access other Web-SSO-protected websites without being prompted for his/ her password again. Bryant currently offers two Web SSO services: CAS and Shibboleth.

Central Authentication Service (CAS) is both an authentication mechanism as well as an enterprise single sign-on service for web applications to allow end-users to authenticate using their Bryant ID.  Applications that utilize CAS participate in the same single sign-on session, meaning that once a user successfully authenticates with CAS, the user will not be prompted again for the duration of the session. CAS allows users to authenticate to web applications, but protects the password from individual applications, allowing for a much more secure computing environment.

Shibboleth uses the widely deployed and industry standard SAML protocol, and its strengths lie in secure, federated authentication and authorization, maintaining privacy when necessary.

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