Language Placement Testing

Placement tests are managed in the Canvas system. You will need to setup your Bryant Account and email before proceeding.

Students planning to register for language classes, Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish, must take a placement test and fill out a language survey. Please be sure to follow the directions carefully for taking the survey and test. To ensure accurate placement take the time to answer each question to the best of your ability. Do not use any outside materials or assistance of any kind. Below you will find instructions for accessing and completing the test.

International Business Majors, Modern Language Majors and Global Studies Students

You must take this test unless you are a (foreign language) native speaker and completed your high school education in your home country. If you meet these criteria and do not wish to study another language, you must still take the survey then demonstrate proficiency in your first language by taking a placement test (Spanish, French, Italian or Chinese only) or by making an appointment. To arrange an appointment, you should contact:

You may only take the test one time. Students are required to take the test on-line unless there are circumstances which make this impossible. If you are unable to take this test on-line, you should contact Cedric Oliva ( ) for French and Italian; Tony Houston ( ) for Spanish; Yun Xiao ( ) for Chinese and all other languages.

Steps to enroll and take the online placement test

  1. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to setup your Bryant Account - see Get Started for Students.
  2. Click the link below for the language placement course you wish to enroll in:
  3. Login with your Bryant credentials
  4. A message will appear stating the course you are enrolling in. Verify it is correct.
  5. Click the Enroll in Course button
  6. You will receive a message stating you have successfully enrolled
  7. Click the Go to the Course button

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