All entering students are required to complete a Placement Question and the Mathematics Placement Test . The results of the test will be used along with your SAT or ACT scores (if you have taken the SAT or ACT) and your high school classes and grades to place you in the Math class best suited to help you succeed. If you are taking an AP Calculus test, please send your scores to Bryant and still take the Placement Survey and complete the Placement Test. Please be sure to carefully follow the directions for taking the survey and placement test. This will ensure that we get the best measure of which class you should be placed in. There is no advantage to being misplaced as all sections get the same credit. Your test will be securely saved on Bryant’s campus server. Below you will find instructions for accessing and completing the test.

What do you need to take the test?

You will need a stable internet connection. Please make every effort to use high-speed internet access. If you have any problems with your password, visit for more instructions. If you have questions regarding the math placement test, please email

You will need paper and pencil to do your calculations. Please do not use a calculator for the test. Remember, we are trying to assess your proper placement so it is important that you follow this direction.

Steps to enroll and take the online placement test

  1. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to setup your Bryant Account - see Get Started for Students .
  2. Click the link below for the Math placement course: Math Placement:
  3. Login with your Bryant credentials
  4. A message will appear stating the course you are enrolling in. Verify it is correct.
  5. Click the Enroll in Course button
  6. You will receive a message stating you have successfully enrolled
  7. Click the Go to the Course button

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