All our classrooms are equipped with instructor stations, and several classrooms have student workstations available. This technology allows instructors to project their lecture notes, use interactive learning aids, and allow students to offer multimedia class presentations. All computer classrooms have electric screens and overhead projectors mounted on the ceilings.


Financial Markets Center

The Financial Markets Center [FMC], located on the second floor of the Bello Center, is one of the most technologically advanced rooms on campus. Along with a vast array of room control options for lights, shades, and AV equipment that can be found in the other classrooms in the building, the FMC sports 26 workstations with dual flat screen monitors.

Student Workstation Rooms

In addition to our instructor stations, we have a number of classrooms equipped with student workstations.  These classrooms include:

  • 367 - 30 student PCs
  • 351/352 - 40 student PCs
  • M35 - 27 student PCs 

M35 Language Lab

This classroom room is uniquely designed to be utilized as both a language lab and a Group Decision Support classroom, providing 27 student workstations, an instructor station connected to a built-in projector, and a workstation used by the Language Lab attendant during scheduled hours.

The room's architecture is such that students may listen to the audio from the computers without disturbing nearby students. Also, the sound/privacy panels between workspaces can be adjusted to allow for privacy during lab hours or left alone during scheduled classes.

Laptop Classrooms

Several classrooms are also equipped with power outlets to accommodate laptop computers.  These rooms include:

  • MRC Lecture Hall - 50 seats
  • 366 - 30 student seats
  • 266 - 40 student seats
  • 267 - 50 student seats
  • 268 - 50 student seats
  • 269 - 50 student seats
  • Tiered classrooms in AIC - 50 student seats

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