Stay Secure While Working Remotely

Working Remotely

  • Use a work issued laptop whenever possible. Particularly avoid using a computer shared by multiple people in your household. 
  • Protect work device physical security. Keep it locked or otherwise inaccessible with a password or passcode.
  • Change the password on your home router from the default password. Default passwords are easily hacked. Contact your internet service provider or refer to documentation on your specific router version for instructions on managing your router.
  • Work data stays on work computers. Don't save work data to personal systems. OneDrive and Google Drive are available to store and access work files securely from the cloud whenever you need them.
  • Don't attach non-work provided thumb drives or storage devices to work computers.
  • Encrypt sensitive emails.

Working in a Public Space

  • Avoid public WiFi. Data transferred across a public connection is available to anyone. If working remote from public is necessary, use a hotspot to connect your mobile device.
  • If in public, make sure people don't spy your typed passwords or sites you're visiting.
  • Don't use public charging stations.