Laptop Distribution Events

Incoming Students

Laptops are distributed to all incoming students prior to the start of the Fall semester. Using the student's Bryant ID card, barcode scanners, and electronic signature pads, the laptop pick-up process takes under 30 seconds per student. As all Bryant laptops come preloaded with our tailored software image, students need only boot their machine and log in with their email username and password to immediately access all network and informational resources.

Junior Swap

Students are responsible for copying their personal data to a cloud service (Google Drive/OneDrive) or an external hard drive PRIOR to swapping their laptop.

Students enrolled prior to Fall 2022 keep their machine until the beginning of their junior year, at which time it is exchanged for a new model. 

  • Juniors enrolled prior to Fall 2022 receive their new model laptop during or prior to the Fall semester. If the student has decided not to purchase their existing laptop, the laptop and its power adapter must be returned prior to receipt of the new machine. The returned laptop is examined in front of the student for damage and non-warranty related wear and tear. If needed, an estimate of charges is attached to the student's receipt. The student is then issued their new machine.
  • Should these students wish to buy out their existing laptop in addition to receiving their new machine they must provide the receipt at the time of exchange. Purchases can be made via online portal that was sent in email communications.

Students enrolled for Fall 2022 and later will keep their original laptop through their senior year. 

Help & Support for Students

Laptop Central Bello Center

Walk-In, Email and Phone Support

Fall and Spring (semester hours)
Mon - Thu
10 am - 7 pm

10 am - 4:30 pm

12 pm - 6 pm

Winter and Summer
Mon - Fri
10 am - 4 pm