Webex - Secure Your Webex Meeting

Best Practice for a Secure Webex Meeting

  1. Mute participants on entry. Ensure participants are on mute as soon as they enter the meeting so that the main presenter can be uninterrupted upfront. If necessary, the user can unmute themselves at a later time or the meeting host can unmute them.
  2. Disable Anyone Can Share. Avoid unauthorized screen/application sharing by unchecking Anyone Can Share. If necessary, the host can designate specific users as presenters during the course of the meeting.
  3. Lock your meeting room. Once all the participants are in the meeting, the host can lock the meeting. Anyone trying to join after the meeting room has been locked will be placed in the lobby and will require authorization to enter the meeting.
  4. Lock video view. To avoid being distracted by other participants, pin the video of the presenter for everyone in the meeting.
  5. Keep participant panel easily accessible and learn the actions you can take. In the event a participant is disruptive, there are several actions the host can take. These are available by right lcicking ont h user in the participant panel. The key ones are MuteStop Video, and in extreme cases Expel the participant. If the room is locked, the user will not be able to return unless authorized by the host.