Zoom - Keep Your Meetings Private

You can configure defaults for many of these settings by signing into https://bryant.zoom.us and going to Settings in the left-hand menu.

Zoom Meetings are an important tool for faculty, staff and student interactions. If you intend to control access to your meeting, make sure enable these settings.

Scheduling a Meeting

  • Generate meeting ID automatically - Automatically generated IDs expire within 30 days, whereas personal IDs are somewhat permanent. A personal ID would allow for a long term risk of exposing meeting information to unwanted parties.
  • Require a meeting password - A random password will be generated when scheduling a meeting. Participants need to enter the password to join the meeting. This settings doesn't apply to meetings that use the personal meeting ID.
  • Enable waiting room - The Waiting Room feature allows the host to control when a participant joins the meeting. As the meeting host, you can admit attendees one by one or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once. For large classes or conferences, you can assign this role to a co-host.
  • Only authenticated users can join - Participants need to authenticate before to joining a meeting.

During a Meeting

  • Screen sharing is host only - This prevents participants other than the host from sharing screen content during the meeting.
  • Mute all – This allows the host to mute all participants. You can also mute participants individually. For large classes or conferences, you can assign this role to a co-host.
  • Lock meeting - Prevents additional participants from joining the meeting.
  • Allow participants to chat with host only - You can use this setting to control participant chats.
  • Disable annotation - You can disable the ability for participants to annotate your shared content.
  • Remove unwanted participants - Next to the person's name in the Participant pane, you can click on More > Remove.

Recording a Meeting

You have the ability to record your meeting, but you should not record sensitive information or include it in the title or description of the meeting. If you plan to record your meeting you should advise attendees that they are being recorded.