Information Security Awareness Training

Faculty and Staff

The protection of Bryant University assets and confidential information from unauthorized access is a university-wide effort. The university invests significant resources in securing its information assets. However, information security technologies alone will not adequately secure university assets without the full support of all employees.

The university provides employee awareness training to help build a culture of information security competence. The training is intended to give faculty and staff practical tips on how to better protect university assets and recognize threats. The training also provides a security foundation that enables employees to understand and react appropriately to real and potential information security issues. Additionally, the training ensures the university is in compliance with regulations that require some form of training and awareness activities be provided to employees.

University employees undertake the security awareness training on an annual basis. The training is being offered in a variety of learning formats. Employees must choose and complete one of the following training methods to satisfy the security awareness training requirement for the period September 2019 - June 2020.

  1. Schedule the Information Security group to speak at your division/department meeting or other event (contact
    Why schedule a face-to-face session?
    Face-to-face training in an instructor-led situation can be more easily personalized; particular situations can be discussed, and specific questions and concerns can be addressed during the presentation.
  2. Take the Online Awareness Training Module by clicking here.
    Why take the online awareness module?
    The online module offers flexibility. Training material can be reviewed at the employee’s convenience whenever and wherever he or she chooses.
  3. Take the Security Awareness TestOut quiz by clicking here. Answering 9 out of 12 questions correctly, fulfills your training obligation. You may only attempt the quiz once.
    Why choose the TestOut quiz?
    The TestOut quiz allows employees with a heightened level of security awareness to quickly demonstrate their readiness in safeguarding university information.

Although only one training option is required, employees are encouraged to complete multiple training methods throughout the year. The more you know about cyber-related risks, the better equipped you are to avoid them.

If you're required in your role to take mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) training, you may complete the following SANS training video by clicking here.


EDUCAUSE & Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council are just two examples of organizations dedicated to building cybersecurity awareness in higher education. They provide security awareness training modules developed by college students, for college students. We encourage students to view and share these resources among the Bryant University student community. Visit their YouTube channel.

Information Security Office

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
(401) 232-6999