The Fisher Student Center has 8 different meeting rooms located throughout the building ranging in size from a 12 person conference room to a 20 - 250 seat meeting room. For additional information regarding space capacities and set-up, please contact the Scheduling Coordinator for the Fisher Student Center.

Space Priority

Space reservation priority is given to recognized student organizations 7 days a week from 2:00pm to 11:00pm however, we do allow limited requests of space for class-related seminars/workshops/presentations. Organizations which hold regular weekly meetings may apply to the Scheduling Coordinator for meeting space each spring. Reservations will remain in effect for a full year unless groups do not adhere to Fisher Student Center policies.

Request a Reservation

To schedule a meeting or an event in the Fisher Student Center, student organizations should submit a request using 25Live.


Need Assistance with Reservations?

Scheduling Coordinator for the Fisher Student Center

(401) 232-6117

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