The Fisher Student Center has 8 different meeting rooms located throughout the building ranging in size from a 12 person conference room to a 20 - 250 seat meeting room. For additional information regarding space capacities and set-up, please contact the Scheduling Coordinator for the Fisher Student Center.

Space Priority

Space reservation priority is given to recognized student organizations 7 days a week from 2:00pm to 11:00pm however, we do allow limited requests of space for class-related seminars/workshops/presentations. Organizations which hold regular weekly meetings may apply to the Scheduling Coordinator for meeting space each spring. Reservations will remain in effect for a full year unless groups do not adhere to Fisher Student Center policies.

Request a Reservation

To schedule a meeting or an event in the Fisher Student Center, student organizations should submit a request using 25Live.

How to Reserve an FSC Space

  1. Faculty, Staff, and Student Organizations can submit requests using the Room Reservation System.
  2. The request is processed by FSC & IFC scheduling staff.
  3. A confirmation is emailed.
  4. As the event date approaches, check in with the scheduler and update your information (ie. headcount, layout change, AV needs adjusted, etc.)
  5. Read the confirmation carefully. Sometimes the requested room is unavailable and a different room is assigned or other changes/adjustments have been made.
  6. On the day of the event, go to the assigned meeting room or location.
  7. Contact a Center Manager or Meeting Setup Crew with any day-of questions or concerns. The Center Manager can be reached at (401) 232-6983.

Reservation Must Include

Your reservation must include the following information in the "internal notes" or "event description" section:

  1. Setup Requirements - Headcount, tables, chairs, setup configuration, catering space/tables, etc. Be as specific as possible. If you do not specify, the existing setup will be used. Always includa 30 minutes setup/breakdown into your request (1 hour if food is being served). For outdoor events or large scale programming, please contact the scheduling office for additional requirements.
  2. AV Needs - We handle the AV needs within the FSC and IFC so there's no need to contact AV Services separately. Please include what AV equipment you need (ie. laptop, projector, etc.).
  3. Parking - If you have outside guests coming to campus, please contact Publich Safety and Indicate how many parking spaces you will need. They will follow up with specific parking instructions for your guests.

Failure to include the above information may delay your reservation from being processed.

FSC & IFC Inventory

The following items are available upon request in the Fisher Student Center and Interfaith Center.


  • 8ft tables
  • 6ft tables
  • 6ft and 5ft Round tables (8 chairs to a table}*
  • Chairs
  • Dry Erase Boards w/Markers
  • Display Easels
  • Podium/Laptop Table** 

AV Equipment

  • HDMI Cord
  • Slide Advancer 
  • Music Stands
  • Microphones
  • Directional Signage Holders (that hold 11"x l7" paper)
  • Projector** 

*There are no round tables in the Interfaith Center.
**All rooms have built-in projectors and screens as well as 1 Podium/Laptop Table EXCEPT for the IFC Reflection Sanctuary and the FSC Music Practice Room. 


Meeting space is limited. If your event or meeting is cancelled, you must notify the scheduling staff ( and/or the Center Manager (x6983) as soon as possible. This allows us to make space available to other student organizations and departments. 

Meeting Space Capacities

The capacities below do not take into consideration additional space requirements like presentation space, catering tables, or any other special requirements.

Setup Style




U-Shape Tables

Circle of Chairs

U of Chairs

Work- shop


Fisher Student Center
FSC Room 12424181520182418
FSC Papitto115804034454010454
FSC Heritage9064363040358454
FSC Papitto & Heritage2201445448805515075
FSC Music Conference Room2432241825203624
FSC Room 2A2824161225203216
FSC Room 2B6040242040354832
FSC Room 2AB10072403050358040
FSC Room 2C8048403245407236
FSC Room 3

Fixed Seating - Conference table with 12 chairs

Machtley Interfaith Center
IFC Degasperis Community Room45N/A302640353524
IFC East Room30N/A181525201812
IFC Reflection Sanctuary30N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A




Help and Support

Scheduling Center

Mon - Fri
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
or by appointment
(401) 232-6117

located next to the Information Center

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