Media Services will instruct faculty members on the proper use of installed classroom technologies.


  • Instruction on best practices of classroom technology use
  • Overview of all features of the selected classroom
  • Demonstration of connecting to our wireless presentation client
  • Connect and test additional media provided

Available To

Faculty and Guest Lecturers

What To Expect

Classroom instruction is available during normal operating hours subject to the specific room availability.


Requests can be made in person, by phone or email.


Classroom Computer

What should I do before each class?

  • Ensure the computer is powered on. In most classrooms, you will find the computer inside the AV Rack.
  • Log in using the default classroom credentials and not your Bryant ID. For example, if you are teaching in UNI 245, the login name is 245 with no password required.
  • Turn on the Crestron system and ensure it is set for the PC if you are using the classroom computer.

What do I do if the classroom computer was previously signed in showing someone else’s credentials and not the classroom credentials?

  • Click Other in the lower left-hand corner and sign-in with the classroom credentials or reboot the computer and follow instructions above.

How do I ensure the students in the classrooms and remotely can see the content I am presenting?

  • Most of the classrooms have two displays at the podium. The left screen is the Primary display which you would use to share content, and the right screen is the Private display. To share content, make sure it is on the Primary, left, display. Then click Share in Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate; select the display with your content and click Share.  

Apple Laptop

How do I connect my Apple laptop to the classroom AV system?

  • Plug the HDMI
  • Plug in the USB cable
    • Most Macs do not have a full-size USB, so a USB C to USB A adapter may be needed.
  • Select Laptop at top of Crestron Panel and route to laptop below and ensure the USB Switch button is selected for Laptop
  • Ensure your laptop display setting has mirroring turned off:
    • Select Apple icon
    • System preferences
    • Displays
    • Arrangement
    • Uncheck Mirror displays
  • If using Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, select the microphone and speakers
    • Camera options, depending on room location, are Logitech, Huddly or AVER Document camera
    • Microphone should be set for EasyUSB Mixer/Amp
    • Speaker should be set for EasyUSB Mixer/Amp

Classroom AV

What do I do if I am having trouble routing or using the Crestron Touch Panel or I can’t get the projector to turn on?

  • Turn the system off and back on

I can’t get the computer or laptop image to show on projector. What do I do?

  • Pay close attention to the touch panel settings – if using podium PC, make sure all settings correspond to “PC.” If laptop, connect BOTH HDMI and USB, and ensure Crestron selections all correspond to Laptop.

I can hear the remote students, but they cannot hear me. What do I do?

  • If in Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, ensure the microphone is not muted
  • Ensure the correct microphone is selected. Most rooms should be Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Easy USB Mixer/Amp).  See specific room instructions. 

The remote students can hear me, but I cannot hear them. What do I do?

  • If in Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, ensure the speaker is set for Crestron.
  • Ensure remote students did not mute their microphone.

Remote students can hear me, but they cannot hear the in-room students. What do I do?

  • If in Zoom or Blackboard, ensure the correct microphone is selected. Most rooms should be Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Easy USB Mixer/Amp).  See specific room instructions.

Remote students cannot see me or the classroom, or the cameras are not showing as a selectable option in Zoom or Collaborate. What do I do?

  • Check Crestron Touch panel and ensure the following
    • The device you are using, either PC or Laptop is selected and routed to correct output
    • USB switch is showing your device, either PC or Laptop

Zoom and Collaborate

How do I start Zoom or Collaborate?

Zoom is showing another user. What do I do?

  • The previous instructor did not properly logout of Zoom. Log them out, exit Zoom, close all tabs in web browser then close and reopen web browser. If this does not clear, reboot the computer.

Document Camera

How do I select the document camera and share so that in-room and remote students can see what I am writing?

  • In Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate, ensure you select the Aver document camera under Camera, then select share.
  • Ensure the document camera image is showing on the left, Primary display so that students in the room and remotely can see it.
  • If using Zoom, ask remote students to Pin the Doc Camera Video so that they can see it full screen.

Media Services
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